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Available for exciting projects

premium psychology-driven branding process



Call us picky, but we believe high standards are a good thing. What began as brand identity project we
wanted for our clients, has evolved into a transformation of a premium psychology-driven branding

Fundamentally, we believe that your business deserves a cohesive, compelling brand that you’re proud to
share with the world.

So we focus on what maters: build a brand that represents you and your #personality. Attract the right clients with an impactful message. Create the collection of tangible brand elements - Visual
Brand Identity | Brand Voice | Brand Values | Brand Personality| Brand Message | Website - that together create one brand image.
Design the website and your digital presence, marketing to your consumers, using a complete strategy.

You set a bar high, we simply strive to meet it.


Research by McKinsey confrms that we're operatng in an era of "digital Darwinism," or intense disrupton.
Well-defned brands that adopt the right marketng tactcs are most likely to survive and win. You have the
genius and ambiton to be as successful as you want to be. And we’ll be there to remind you of that
whenever you forget.

We’ll walk you through the process of discovering your TRUE, clear, and aligned brand from start to finish.
We put our experience into a powerful process designed to bring your dream brand to life, step-by-step.


Without a well-crafed and maintained brand identty, your marketing will always feel fat and onedimensional.
You don’t have embrace a cheesy Internet marketer approach to sell online. You also don’t need to change
yourself to be more like X, Y, or Z business. You find your success when you uncover what’s already inside
of you. Through Roxana’s psychological tests we’ll help you find that inner (brand) truth.
Together we’ll create the look, feel, and tone of your company to the outside world. If your message does
not inspire and motivate your target market to want to buy from you, you're missing the boat.
Your brand strategy should clearly define your company’s purpose, vision, DNA, positon, value, and
customer so that your team can make clear, unifed and focused decisions to help grow your business.
Your marketing strategy should be the vehicle that delivers your tailored customer-facing brand message.


We only use processes and methods that keep our consciences as clear as diamonds. There are a lot of
superficial practices in the market and we're out to change that.


Fine processes deserve fair prices. And so do you.


Those who do good sparkle more. Hailing from the heart of Transylvania - Brasov, us two combined
Roxana's background in psychology and Lore's experience in marketing to bring transparency and quality to
the fine branding process. We put together a team of industry experts and creatve specialists to create an
immersive experience.

We focus on what matters


We use psychology to build a brand that suits you represents you and your personality.


We create the collection of tangible elements of the brand - Visual identity | Brand voice | Brand values | Brand personality the message


We design and realize your website and your digital presence


We target your consumers, using a complex marketing strategy.


Coaching sessions with the team

It's time to start creating something amazing together.


Loredana Puia

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Roxana Pana

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