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Professional Summary

I am a marketing professional and visual designer with over 20 years experience working for emerging and established B2B and B2C companies, start-ups and brands, national and international.

I use an agile approach when working with my clients, gravitating around the idea of moving and adapting quickly to customer needs and to continuous changing of the digital marketing trends.

In addition to planning and execution, I give great importance to the content: photos, text, videos, animations, info-graphics, images.

I use Adobe CC - Illustrator, Photoshop, In-design,  Procreate and online platforms - Powtoon, Adobe Spark that express modern, cool and  automated what we decide.

I also have  a network of industry experts and creative specialists I partner with to create bespoke solutions to my client’s briefs.

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Web2 & Web3 Marketing Content Strategy  Writing     Campaign Management    Branding  Social Media    Events Content   Research   Creative Initiatives Customer Experience Visuals Project management Visuals Strategic Partner and Alliance Building CRM CMS Web site development Advertising Marketing Strategy

Digital Art Extra

Logos, calligraphy, illustration, but most of all I like to create digital patterns.
Because perfect patterns can be applied virtually to any design to provide visual interest, texture and harmony.


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