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This is me

​I keep my work practical, relevant and creative, but constantly changing and moving according to the field in which I work.
In my creative initiatives I use an eclectic-modern style and visually try to transpose some of the personality of each client in the digital exhibition of their own business.
For the customers of my clients, I build campaigns based on their personalized experiences - customer experience, using data | analytics and audience information.
Because, in the end, in this digitized world you want to find your community, find your tribe and advertise with purpose, combining respect, trust, value, empathy and storytelling.

I created AlmavMk as a boutique consultancy which offers existing brands, small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups a bespoke and more personal service than the traditional agency offering.

Marketing & Content Strategy  Copy writing 
Campaign Management Lead Generating

Social Media ADS Branding

Events Content    Start ups

Visual  design Creative Initiatives

I advise brands, small and medium size companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and start-ups to establish themselves in a cluttered marketplace with a strong focus on developing their digital channels and producing content.

During my years (20) both companies and agency side, I've discovered the need for a more personal relationship between the agency and the brand. A direct relationship which allowed them to circumvent the process driven nature of many agencies.

Clients &


My  clients, we started with digital marketing - creating social media accounts | content | graphics | network management social media calendar online presence | specialized portals, but because my 20 years of experience forces me to see the whole "picture", I got involved in everything that means marketing - marketing strategies | branding | print graphics | promotions | promotional | outdoor advertising | signage | customer experience

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“Loredana is the "marketing girl" you can rely on! Punctual and organized, she always comes to our weekly Thursday meeting with the tasks done and some extra ideas, besides the broad smile on her face. The activity reports that she send every month are the mirror of the efficiency and have become for me the favorite tool for tracking the potential clients. Open to my proposals, she materializes in short time and striking visuals what I want to convey. The meetings with her are an occasion for delight and satisfaction, as she creatively and proactively supports the goals we set.”​


—  Diana Tucunel, Arhitect KUDIA STUDIO